24 aprile, 2010


Rie Rasmussen, gran bel personaggio (from Denmark, tat per cambia').

Qui un bell' articolo del New York Observer.

Tra le chicche:

She snorts when people describe her as a Victoria’s Secret model. “The only time I worked for Victoria’s Secret was because I, like everybody else, wanted to fuck a supermodel. And I did! And that was enough, for that one specific reason.”

Born in Denmark, Ms. Rasmussen grew up rather unusually, in what she calls a family commune. Her parents each were married multiple times, and between them all, she grew up with eight siblings, under one single roof. “Kids are the religion in my family,” she shrugged.
“In Scandinavia, there is no difference between men and women. That’s how I grew up. My mom can take a car engine apart, rewire a lamp, or solve any mathematical fucking solution. She’s punk rock!”

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